Sunday, September 21, 2008

digital sketch

A quick sketch I did tonight in photoshop. I didnt spend too long on this, maybe just over an hour. I gotta get quicker and better and that will come with time. Gonna start doing more of these every day.

It was a busy week with my GF having surgery. I was so busy helping her and dealing with her situation which in turn meant I didnt get to do much art. Shes getting better now and I can get back to work this week.

Alien-thingy guy

Did this sketch last monday during the MNF football game. Didnt finish it because the game got so good I had to watch the end. I hate the cowboys and the eagles equally but I love a good football game and this was the best game between these teams I have ever seen. Too bad the eagles didnt win. Guess I hate the cowboys more.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lunch time sketches

Some sketches done during my lunch hour the last couple of weeks. I try to draw every day at lunch. I dont always get to sketch as I have only about 30 min to eat, kick back for a moment, and still try to get 10 - 15 minutes for sketching. Other times I read, which helps get the imagination flowing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

tree environment

I really need more environments in my portfolio, so I did this one saturday night. I had a great time painting this one. I think the next few weeks Im going to concentrate on getting some different types of environments done to add to my portfolio. In the mean time, Im gonna have Cody show me how to update my site so I can make image changes as I get feed back on my portflio. But knowing Codys schedule this may take awhile. Anyway...Enjoy.