Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dan's yearly snowboard

This is a snowboard design I did for a client/friend of mine. Every year my buddy Dan (Pictured) gets a new custom snowboard. This is the second year Ive done his snowboard design for him and this year the result was pretty cool.
Dan says that everyone who sees it says its the "sickest" snowboard design they have seen. So Im pretty stoked about that.
Dan told me he wanted the see, hear, speak no evil theme. After a few sketches I asked him to let me do something darker than he wanted and he let me run with it. I did a bunch of sketches he picked his favorite three and this was the result.
Im ready to do next years board already... Hopefully I can make it up this year and get into the snow myself.

Ride hard Dan, Ride hard!

Ps- see that picture behind Dano's head? That's some art I did my last year at the academy of art, he liked it so much he had me frame it and bought it from me. If I can find a copy of it I'll post it later.

And the world came crashing down...

Well, its been a crazy last few months. I lost my job, my girlfriend, my cool apartment, got denied unemployment and had to pack all my junk and move it to my friends house to store for a while. After that my dog got hit by my car and... wait... that sounds suspiciously like a country song.
Anyway, long story short I basically moved back to Hawaii for the next few months to work for my Father to keep my bills paid. Now that I got my head on straight again I'll get the updates up for the current stuff I'm working on. Sorry for the long delay.
I don't really have a dog or a car by the way, but the rest of that stuff is true.
Happy holidays and here's to a bright new year.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Starbucks Mermaid

Went to do some sketching with my buddies Nate and Sean on thursday. We went to a starbucks to hang out. We decided to all draw our own take on the Starbucks Mermaid. Why does the starbucks logo have a mermaid? Why does she have two tails in the logo? Do mermaids drink alot of coffee?
I think its some kind of conspiracy!!!

45 min sketch. Aloha

Up the stairs

I spent way too long on this one and in the end I'm not totally happy with the result, but I am happy that I got through it. I changed the area at the top of the stairs about four times until I finally settled for the curtains.
The point is that I finished another piece, and even though I got completely frustrated with this and wanted to scrap it, I decided to push through it. Anyway hope you all like it. Aloha

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snowy pass

Did this one Friday night. Took a little over 4 hours. I had a ton of fun doing this one and really got into a groove, the hours flew by quickly. Composition on it changed numerous times and I finally settled on this one, which I really liked. Anyway Enjoy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

digital sketch

A quick sketch I did tonight in photoshop. I didnt spend too long on this, maybe just over an hour. I gotta get quicker and better and that will come with time. Gonna start doing more of these every day.

It was a busy week with my GF having surgery. I was so busy helping her and dealing with her situation which in turn meant I didnt get to do much art. Shes getting better now and I can get back to work this week.

Alien-thingy guy

Did this sketch last monday during the MNF football game. Didnt finish it because the game got so good I had to watch the end. I hate the cowboys and the eagles equally but I love a good football game and this was the best game between these teams I have ever seen. Too bad the eagles didnt win. Guess I hate the cowboys more.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lunch time sketches

Some sketches done during my lunch hour the last couple of weeks. I try to draw every day at lunch. I dont always get to sketch as I have only about 30 min to eat, kick back for a moment, and still try to get 10 - 15 minutes for sketching. Other times I read, which helps get the imagination flowing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

tree environment

I really need more environments in my portfolio, so I did this one saturday night. I had a great time painting this one. I think the next few weeks Im going to concentrate on getting some different types of environments done to add to my portfolio. In the mean time, Im gonna have Cody show me how to update my site so I can make image changes as I get feed back on my portflio. But knowing Codys schedule this may take awhile. Anyway...Enjoy.