Sunday, October 12, 2008

Starbucks Mermaid

Went to do some sketching with my buddies Nate and Sean on thursday. We went to a starbucks to hang out. We decided to all draw our own take on the Starbucks Mermaid. Why does the starbucks logo have a mermaid? Why does she have two tails in the logo? Do mermaids drink alot of coffee?
I think its some kind of conspiracy!!!

45 min sketch. Aloha

Up the stairs

I spent way too long on this one and in the end I'm not totally happy with the result, but I am happy that I got through it. I changed the area at the top of the stairs about four times until I finally settled for the curtains.
The point is that I finished another piece, and even though I got completely frustrated with this and wanted to scrap it, I decided to push through it. Anyway hope you all like it. Aloha

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snowy pass

Did this one Friday night. Took a little over 4 hours. I had a ton of fun doing this one and really got into a groove, the hours flew by quickly. Composition on it changed numerous times and I finally settled on this one, which I really liked. Anyway Enjoy.