Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hurakan part 3

Well I got caught up with work and had to miss the Hurakan part 2 challenge. I did a few of the exercises but I wasnt able to get anything turned in on time. Like part 2, Ive been busy with work, some freelance, getting my portfolio up to par, and battling a terrible case of golfers elbow. I dont even golf for crying out loud....anyway off to part 3.

Part 3 is a detailed drawing of the god Hurakan, and some compositional book covers.

I designed Hurakan, to be almost one with his armor, that way the Maya who see him try to emulate his look with decorative clothing and armor. Wanting to be like their god, they dress like him. He also has a staff (which I think needs way more design, its just a pole for now) which is tipped with a hurricane like vortex from which he can call forth storms to destroy us all.

The book cover compositions are very rough. I wanted to have a storm raging around him and off to the left which will be on the side and back of the book. I will refine these a bit over the next few days, I did about 10 rough penciled covers and scanned in the three best to put in a little value in photoshop. The values are wrong for now, they are mostly just to get my idea across to start. Besides that, I needed to get this submitted before the deadline.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hurakan art challenge

Character silhouettes for another art challenge. This one is a 5 part contest starting with simple shapes and from there developing the character all the way to a final illustration.
It involves a Mayan god called Hurakan, the storm god, and one of the creators of the human race. Apparently his name means "one-leg", and I thought that that was an intersesting attribute to design around. Does he only have one leg? Who knows, but I figure that if he did appear on the material plane to a mortal, whatever form he took would be understood as one legged. So I thought this was a challenging aspect to design. I suppose its easier to design a character with two legs, but to make a one legged character functional is different.

I did about 20 silhouettes but the contest only calls for 3-5 so I chose the ones I thought were the most appealing and interesting.

Designing a god is always cool because the character is a god, almost anything can go. I envision him as a amalgam of human and animal, with lots of feathers and armor that is similar to Mayan clothing and jewelry. How human I make him remains to seen.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Owlbears revisited

Hey Everyone, sorry long time no update. Ive been busy relearning the Maya 3D program the last few months and going nuts building models and rigging them. Ill be posting some of that stuff soon.

Anyway this is for a online contest for wizards of the coast, which is due in 20 minutes and I found out about and started this contest on thursday. Between full time construction, freelance and this, Im just happy I got it done.

Anyway the contest was to re-imagine a classic D&D creature called an owl bear, which essentially was a bear with the head of an owl. My re-imagining was more along the lines of a dog like creature with shades of Mothman thrown in. Anyway enjoy.

The Owlbear Revisited

The origins of the Owlbear are shrouded in mystery. First reports of the beast were described as the union of an owl and bear. Though Owlbears are of neither species and are more closely relate to canids. They have massive yellow eyes similar to an owls and a bony beak like snout with sharp jagged teeth protruding from their jaws. They tend to be about the size of a bear and are roguhly 10 to 12 feet in height when they rear up in battle. Males are covered in a thick bristly, coarse fur and have wicked talon like claws on their forepaws. They also have a flap of furry skin that extends from the forearms to the small area of the rear. It is rumored that they use this when jumping to glide for a short distance when pouncing on prey.

Males tend to be more brightly patterned than females, probably for use in attracting a mate, and also have a mane like collar around their necks and heads.

Less colorful females are naturally thinner, do not sport a mane and tend to have a thinner fur but tend to be larger than their male counterparts.

Owlbears have live births in litters of 2-3 pups, contrasting against the myth of Owlbear eggs, which sell in shops to the unwary and uninformed for vast profits . All pups are usually white for the first few months after birth, at which point they begin to change to the more characteristic colors of adult furs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

another creep

Just a quick photoshop sketch I did tonight, spent about 1 hour and 45 min on it. I just wanted to do something moody and with different lighting. Something fun.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Self portrait Final

So, I finished the self portrait, and I was completely stoked on how it came out. I bought some Matte finish prismacolor fixative and sprayed it with a light coat to help protect the drawing. I left it outside to dry in the garage, and when I came back the image had a white, waxy film on it that totally destroyed all the value. I was SOOOOO bummed. Especially on the shirt area, because that was where the film seemed to do the most damage.
Ive never had fixative leave a film like this before, so Im not sure if maybe it was the brand (Which I had never used before).
If you look good you can see where I was scratching off the film.
Oh well, just means I should start something new!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Self Portrait update II

Heres the latest update on the self portrait. I need to finish the shirt area and the hair, and Ill probably do a little bit of noodling in the face area just to tighten things up a bit more, and maybe push back the shadow side of the face a bit more. Once I do all that Ill be done.

If you are looking at this I would love folks to leave comments.
Thank you much!

Also I promise the final scan will be adjusted very nice to more accurately portray the values, this came out a little dark once posted.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Demon Thingy

Hey Everyone,
Posting a recent creature sketch I worked on. Roughly a couple of hours of work. Maybe Ill finish it some day. Been busy with freelance, just finished up a couple of projects and Im currently working on a game for Iphone. Also working a oil painting which is going to be auctioned off a kaelepulu school (where my niece attends) to help buy supplies and pay teachers and what have you.

Ill post that soon as well.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Self portrait progress

Well this is a slow developing drawing. Ive been busy as hell getting stuff done for my freelance work that my personal stuff took a back seat. Anyway I have been working on this again the last week. Ive usually put a couple hours in every night the last week. Still got a ways to go as the whole Carl Dobsky "Filling in the dots" theory takes a while.
Ill put another update soon as I continue to noodle away at this thing.
Aloha for now

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Self Portrait

Sorry for the long period between posts. I picked up a few freelance gigs, nothing I can live off of just yet but its a start. Anyway I cant post anything Ive done for those projects yet so in the mean time, Im working on a self portrait.
Im going to post it through out the different steps of the drawing. This is the initial layout of the drawing.
Im just finishing up focusing on the shapes and proportions and I started to add in a little value. Graphite on 11x 14 smooth Bristol .
Ill post a mid point version and a final version in the next few weeks as I finish it up.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ds Colors! Wolf

Ive been rereading, or I should say re-listening to the audio books of the George R.R. Martin series A Song of Ice and Fire. The greatest Fantasy series ever in my humble opinion. Anyway there are a bunch of dire wolves in the stories so I decided to paint this the other morning while watching the first half of the Ravens and Titans game. Took me about 1 and 1/2 hours to complete.
Thought it came out looking pretty cool for a DS painting.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nintendo DS Sketches

Ive been messing around with my Nintendo DS program Colors! Its such a great little program. Its like having Photoshop lite wherever I go. I'm starting to get a hang of the controls and the way the brushes work. Anyway heres a few DS art works.