Thursday, April 16, 2009

Self portrait Final

So, I finished the self portrait, and I was completely stoked on how it came out. I bought some Matte finish prismacolor fixative and sprayed it with a light coat to help protect the drawing. I left it outside to dry in the garage, and when I came back the image had a white, waxy film on it that totally destroyed all the value. I was SOOOOO bummed. Especially on the shirt area, because that was where the film seemed to do the most damage.
Ive never had fixative leave a film like this before, so Im not sure if maybe it was the brand (Which I had never used before).
If you look good you can see where I was scratching off the film.
Oh well, just means I should start something new!!!!


Dana said...

Hey great tonal range

How big is this, anyway?

Jose Emroca Flores said...

niiiiice mang

Stasya said...
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Stasya said...

what a pity. thats a fine drawing. the mysterious marks may be from spraying too close or not shaking the can before hand - i never liked the finish of fixative (it does something to the surface, especially with charcoal drawings that irks the hell out of me), ever used the workable fixative?

Art Fan Ako said...

Still a great drawing! You're talented!