Thursday, February 26, 2009

Self Portrait

Sorry for the long period between posts. I picked up a few freelance gigs, nothing I can live off of just yet but its a start. Anyway I cant post anything Ive done for those projects yet so in the mean time, Im working on a self portrait.
Im going to post it through out the different steps of the drawing. This is the initial layout of the drawing.
Im just finishing up focusing on the shapes and proportions and I started to add in a little value. Graphite on 11x 14 smooth Bristol .
Ill post a mid point version and a final version in the next few weeks as I finish it up.

Thanks for looking.


blahhhg said...

looks good. congrats on the freelance gigs...looking forward to seeing some of it!

Jose Emroca Flores said...

whatup Kahi