Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hurakan art challenge

Character silhouettes for another art challenge. This one is a 5 part contest starting with simple shapes and from there developing the character all the way to a final illustration.
It involves a Mayan god called Hurakan, the storm god, and one of the creators of the human race. Apparently his name means "one-leg", and I thought that that was an intersesting attribute to design around. Does he only have one leg? Who knows, but I figure that if he did appear on the material plane to a mortal, whatever form he took would be understood as one legged. So I thought this was a challenging aspect to design. I suppose its easier to design a character with two legs, but to make a one legged character functional is different.

I did about 20 silhouettes but the contest only calls for 3-5 so I chose the ones I thought were the most appealing and interesting.

Designing a god is always cool because the character is a god, almost anything can go. I envision him as a amalgam of human and animal, with lots of feathers and armor that is similar to Mayan clothing and jewelry. How human I make him remains to seen.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for looking.

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