Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hurakan part 3

Well I got caught up with work and had to miss the Hurakan part 2 challenge. I did a few of the exercises but I wasnt able to get anything turned in on time. Like part 2, Ive been busy with work, some freelance, getting my portfolio up to par, and battling a terrible case of golfers elbow. I dont even golf for crying out loud....anyway off to part 3.

Part 3 is a detailed drawing of the god Hurakan, and some compositional book covers.

I designed Hurakan, to be almost one with his armor, that way the Maya who see him try to emulate his look with decorative clothing and armor. Wanting to be like their god, they dress like him. He also has a staff (which I think needs way more design, its just a pole for now) which is tipped with a hurricane like vortex from which he can call forth storms to destroy us all.

The book cover compositions are very rough. I wanted to have a storm raging around him and off to the left which will be on the side and back of the book. I will refine these a bit over the next few days, I did about 10 rough penciled covers and scanned in the three best to put in a little value in photoshop. The values are wrong for now, they are mostly just to get my idea across to start. Besides that, I needed to get this submitted before the deadline.

Thanks for looking

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Jose Emroca Flores said...

Good to see you still rockin it Kahi!
Fun creative paintings!