Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cube head details update

So I got into cube head and started to add some details. Skin pores and some wrinkles, and I fleshed out some areas around the eyes and mouth. I still want to add some more details and then paint him. Last night I spent about an hour painting him and though it looked pretty cool I really didnt feel the color scheme fit him so Im going ot repaint him with a different scheme.
I think although I want to do 100 sculpts, I will still have nights that I drop back to push a speed sculpt a little further and even take several of them to finish. This weekend I plan to redo the Depraved as I have a few sketchesI have done that I'm liking his look more. I want to do a full finished sculpt of him, posed, with weapon and painted.

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Gabriel Yanagihara said...

100 Sculpts! Wow! How're they coming along?