Friday, February 11, 2011

Garthim head #007

Some of the guys at work wanted to do some fan art sculpts of the dark crystal. There were alot of great designs for the film, and probably the best "muppet" movie ever made.
Before I could get in on it several of the characters were already called by other artists, so I settled for the Garthim. Massive hermit crab creatures created as warriors to destroy the Gelflings.
] I remember how big and imposing they were when I first saw the film. I always thought they were so freaking cool. So I decided to do a bust of the Garthim, mostly because I dont want to sculpt all the legs those things have. One cool thing is they have one arm that ends in a crab-like claw and another that ends in two fingered talons.
Well I started with the head. The smallest part of its body. The design on the Henson muppet was pretty simplistic so I added to it a bit to improve the design a bit. I guess in the end this will be more like my take on the garthim rather than true fan art.

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