Thursday, February 3, 2011

sculpt 002 of 100 "The Neck"

Ive decided after doing old One Eye, that he was the first of 100 sculpts Im going to try do in 100 days.
So here is number two, done two nights ago. I had a very difficult time with him. I made a quick base mesh in Zbrush out of zspheres and brought it into Mudbox to sculpt.
Mudbox hates zsphere base meshes. I had such a hard time controlling my brushes and getting the mesh to do what I wanted it to. Lesson learned. If I build anymore base meshes in Zbrush I will rtopologize it first. My best guess is that Mudbox just didnt like the way the zspheres lay out the topology, being all funky and strange edge loops. So retopology or just building the base in Maya to begin with are the most likely solutions.
Overall this was a little over two hours and Im very disappointed in the progress due to lack of control. Well learn and move on.

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