Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sculpts #010 cube head and Bug Eyes sculpt #011

A couple of sculpts from the last few nights. The first one I did last night. I wasnt feeling so well so I spent about an hour on him before I crashed. I may get into him some more and detail him out. Ihave tons of quick sculpts but nothing detailed or painted.
The second I did Monday night. I lost a ton detail when I had to drop back and make UVs for him. I wanted to color him, but i had failed to do the UVs on the base mesh. I dropped back in headus and laid out the UVs. When I brought that mesh into Mudbox to transfer the detail it gave a bunch of strange deformations and a loss of detail that I had to fix. Nothing to crazy on the deformation side but in the process of cleaning him up I lost even more detail. I was quite bummed but its nothing I cant get back if I just sit down again on him for 20 minutes.
Well, lesson learned. Always do UVs on a low level base mesh or just do them before you start sculpting.

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