Monday, February 7, 2011

Faces of reaped souls #005

Well, Friday night I was so exhausted from a long week I crashed fairly early and never even turned my home computers on. Sometimes a body just needs the rest.

Saturday after some beach time with the family I spent the day getting Mudwalker, a plugin for mudbox that allows it to send and recieve models quickly to other programs like Zbrush, headus topogun, maya etc. I had some symetry issues with the depraved sculpts hands. Ive decided that I would like to take that sculpt to full final, with pose, color, the works. So I was using mudwalker to help me use the smartresym option in zbrush. After many hours of testing I think I have a solution to my problem. unfortunately by the time I figure it out I really didnt have time to sculpt.

So on to the faces here. The depraved is going to have a weapon. A massive scythe which I did some quick concept work on and I will post it tommorrow.(I forgot to scan it from my sketch book). This scythe will have the souls of the reaped embedded in the blade, so instead of sculpting them I decided to make a few faces on planes that I can turn into vectors and just stamp them on in the end and touch up the detail.

Anyway I think I need to adjust either the 1st or 2nd one to make it look like a different individual rather than just a different expression. Whats fun about these it that they are quick and easy, and after doing a few ve really started to get a better understanding of sculpting a face out of plane and getting the shapes pulled out correctly.

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